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Socio-Education Model

The Harbour Schools Group socio-educational model

Through our socio-educational model and THSG Baccalaureate Award we consistently deliver a minimum of five good GCSE or equivalent qualifications inclusive of English and Math for all our learners as well as measurable and improved capabilities to manage their SEMH difficulties.

Despite its complex structure our curriculum ensures that all our pupils have the very best opportunities, as is appropriate to their age, ability and entitlement. We have high expectations – we believe that all pupils can achieve, and through our creative curriculum we ensure they have opportunities to achieve by promoting our core values of positive attitudes, supportive relationships and respect for everyone. Our curriculum is carefully planned and structured to enable all pupils to develop their personal characteristics, attitudes and values, to their fullest potential.

Our Socio-Education Model develops the whole of the young person. We are totally committed to the five core elements so that learners leave THSG with the skills and qualifications to make a positive impact in society and their families.

We have the highest expectations of all of our staff, pupils and parents, so that our performance outcomes are delivered year in and year out. Our specialist team have the experience and skills to deliver the highest standards and expectations in special education. Furthermore, the culture in our schools creates a long lasting impression so that pupils and families also believe in our Socio-Education model to flourish and develop further from our unique support systems and practices.  In doing so together we build future career pathways and improved social and emotional well-being moving forward into adult for all our learners.

Please see our full Curriculum for more details