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Throughout THSG we offer a five-part curriculum, our socio-educational model compiled of:

  • Academic
  • Therapeutic
  • Enhanced
  • Engagement and
  • SEMH-specific elements.

Through this combination, we deliver highly-personalised learning programmes which meet the specific needs of each pupil.

Our curriculum has been developed and implemented in line with three strategic statements:  the Independent School Standards; Every Child Matters; and Removing Barriers to Achievement – The Government’s Strategy for SEN.

We seek to achieve a balance between teaching basic skills, subjects and thematic learning. We aim to achieve this in many ways;

Our curriculum is carefully planned as a mix of integrated and discrete elements. Where possible we use themes to enhance learning but recognise that this is not always appropriate for all aspects of the curriculum.

  • We plan for progression in all subjects to ensure challenge. We also agree on ways to extend and deepen learning through topics and themes in long term planning.
  • Everything is interlinked. Subject specific language, ideas and skills are taught and a cross-curricular approach is used, especially when this makes learning more meaningful.
  • To ensure progression we have essential skills of literacy and numeracy mapped across the curriculum. The skills map is constantly revisited. We have termly curriculum days to monitor.
  • All literacy is linked with thematic work alongside reading workshops. We carefully map literacy and numeracy skills across the whole curriculum.  We also have themed weeks, such as climate week. There is a toolkit with advice on how to plan these weeks so that they have real rigour.
  • We really emphasise the basics as a strong foundation. We then build a rich curriculum on top of this. For example, we may have an art day or week where we train teachers to focus on skills, such as observational sketching, and this leads to high quality work and displays.
  • We adjust the balance between a focus on basic skills and other subjects to meet the needs of children if we feel gaps need filling.
  • Our medium-term plan identifies the skills and knowledge and how they are targeted at different groups. Teachers always know where their children are with regard to what they know, can do and understand. They use this knowledge to plan next steps.

Please download our Curriculum Policy and contact us if you would like to find out more.